Lore Snauwaert graduated her Master in Graphic Design at Kask School Of Arts, Ghent, Belgium.
Her work balances on the borders between graphic design and art, and graphic design and cooking.
She did internships in Art collective AFTER HOWL (Brussels) and graphic design bureau STUDIO STUDIO (Ghent) and works in a few restaurants at a time. 
Her work is practical, she cooks to feed people. And to cook, she builds.
Sometimes she works in a strictly commercial environment or catering industry, sometimes in the artistic environment. 

Building and food are primary needs.
The culinary world, like architecture, is an artistic discipline that arose from the needs of man.
Shelter and food keeps a human alive.
When it comes to survival, there is an architect in each and every one of us.
When it comes to survival, there is a cook in each of us.


Cooking Flowerdogs at BOEKS.
On the occasion of the book presentation of Maud Gourdron’s ‘A Flower is Speaking to a Dog’.

Cooking at Monterey Gent, in the Citadel park. 

Cooking at Croxhapox

04.2020 – 08.2020
RESTAURANT at Kunsthal Gent
During this residence a restaurant was build and seven artists were asked to collaborate.
More at kunsthal.gent/ontwikkeling/restaurant.

Book design ‘Assembly’ for Bert Villa, published by Borgerhoff & Lamberights

summer 2022
Chef at Way Coffee Roasters

summer 2022
Co-owner and chef of Cafetaria Gent, a pop-up restaurant in Theresia Ghent, a temporary cultural plate in an old monastary in Ghent. 

09.2022 – now
Guest teacher Interior Design BA2 Luca School of Arts, Ghent.

Artistic Brunch at Sonmat, a festival about fermentation and food.

11.2022 – now
Part of the creators and developers of the Culinaire Raad, a council for al culinairy entrepreneurs in Ghent.



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